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This is our home in cyberspace. Wherever you are, anywhere in Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas, you can visit us and see for yourself what our company, Alford Conferences Limited, is really all about.

Every small business needs a website. Even if all that your company generates in annual revenue is N5m-N20m or N20m-N50m, you need to create and launch a website for your company. Even if you don’t have an office, and all you do is to operate from home. Even if you are a one-man or one-woman business. It is a digital world today, and when you put up a website for your micro or small company, you suddenly look serious.

People, including those abroad, begin to perceive you as a serious entrepreneur. Isn’t this what you want?

Working with Engr. Abel Obakoplor, Founder/CEO of King Abel Web Server, we’ve created a new division for Alford Conferences Limited called GURRENDI WEBSITES, with the mission (among other things) to deploy a website for micro and small companies.

Don’t go cheap on your website. Invest good money into it. And invest your time to learn the basic (easy to master) steps on how to operate the site, BY YOURSELF. You are already very good in using Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, abi? Learning to operate your own website is a piece of cake.

Best wishes as you get back fully to work after the Ramadan festival earlier this week.

Frederick Apeji
Alford Conferences Limited
Gurrendi Websites
Abuja, FCT