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Nigeria Food Surplus Summit

The annual Nigeria Food Surplus Summit seeks to help the country to successfully feed itself and have large surpluses for exports by strengthening the commercial farming and food processing segments of the country’s agricultural industry. For years and decades the burden of feeding Nigeria has rested largely on the shoulders of its millions of smallholder farmers. The summit seeks to strongly complement this by deliberately promoting and boosting commercial farming and food processing in each of the 36 states and FCT, partnering with their respective ministry of agriculture.

Ahead of the inaugural Nigeria Food Surplus Summit, slated for August 21-23, 2024, we shall embark on a roadshow to the 36 states and FCT, sensitizing and mobilizing various stakeholders in each domain for the event. The goal of this roadshow, expected to be held from May 1-June 30, 2024, is to begin the collation of a list of leading commercial farms and food processing companies across the federation. An official delegation, under the auspices of the ministry of agriculture of the 37 states, is expected to attend the summit.

We have started preparing a special report titled, “Agribusiness Financing in Nigeria 2018-2022” to be published in the August 2024 edition of REVENUE (the official magazine of the 1st Nigeria Food Surplus Summit 2024). This report will present data and insights on lending by Nigerian commercial banks and related financial institutions to the country’s agricultural industry over the past five years: January 2018-December 31, 2022. Copies of this edition of would be distributed specially to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, the ministry of agriculture of the 36 states (including the FCT equivalent), other critical public sector agencies and bodies, the Abuja-based diplomatic office of the leading trade partners of Nigeria, leading international development organizations in Nigeria, summit partners, and other critical stakeholders. The magazine will be distributed as well to all the summit attendees.

The inaugural Nigeria Food Surplus Summit 2024 will honour and celebrate Nigerian commercial banks in two categories: the top 10 biggest lenders to the Nigerian agricultural industry in 2022; and the top 10 biggest lenders to the Nigerian agricultural industry as a percentage of their total lending in 2022. We shall also honour and celebrate selected iconic food brands in the country.

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